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In love with LUXE.

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


LUXE.  The word alone makes me feel fabulous. As an adjective, It’s an ultimate, and definitely of the most versatile. When it comes to weddings…especially for us here at Soiree, it is almost a necessity. Every wedding that we produce has a common thread running through them all…there is, in small or large form, elements of the word Luxe. After looking around me a little, I learned that it is more than just something we are in love with…it is something that is taking the world over.

The ante has been upped as wedding gowns are becoming more and more incredible, they are also becoming an inspirational piece for the rest of the theme of the wedding. It can be a consistent use of delicate lace, or intricately fine beading, or even the new thing to love: ruffles!  

So many times, the wedding gown is the inspiration for the theme of the wedding, (it’s not difficult to see why!), but there are also many opportunities to tie things together with the beautiful bridal accessories. Luxe items can cross over to every piece of your wedding: Invitations, linens, florals, lighting, venue, and even things such as the transportation. cakenveil     

As we all know, the detail for every one of these items set the stage for a wedding and the great parties that surround them, but if the right items are chosen, they combine to create a perfectly glam celebration. Some of our favorites are extravagant veils and elegant cakes that simply enamor.



In Park City, the word Luxe is not always the first thing that comes to mind…but if you look closely it has an incredible presence here. The extravagance of the natural world here is the perfect backdrop for embellishment. Natural fabrics can be embellished or combined with more luxurious fabrics or detail to enhance and add romantic elements of luxe and simple extravagance. Also, many of the venues are such statements of luxury that it is only natural to use them as complements to your celebration.

The luxe look can be combined with any theme, whether it is natural, rustic, vintage, modern or classic; the possibilities are endless. Great choices can include: generously layered and ruched ruffles mixed with succulents and other naturals (think dark woods and burlap). Also, use combinations of deep, rich colors with sleek912-0018 lines and tall centerpieces with complementary floral and simple place settings. Being creative, and using different tones of one color such as rich ivory, white or even grays are often used to set the mood for a glitzy party. When using monochrome colors, it’s a good idea to use fabrics of different textures within the chosen shade to add drama and character.




Color used in stark contrast is also a great way to incorporate the extra bit of glam. Color combinations such as black and white mixed with either red, pink or green shades can be dramatic and celebratory. One of my favorites is combining navy blue with fuchsia pink. These are just a few fun and dramatic color combinations. They are all excellent choices and provide a fabulous foundation for adding all the desirable glamour, regardless of the chosen theme.

Great receptions are comprised of many different pieces. Of these, the table décor is of course a favorite.  Silk tablecloths in different unique styles create that extra sparkle that we love to incorporate. Including metallics and mixing them with dark colors instantly complements any type of style.  Many times, using elements of Luxe ideas can be the crossover link between seemingly opposite styles such as modern and vintage, or traditional and extravagant.

Another of our favorites is the increasingly popular use of feathers in the design details. Especially peacock feathers, known for their color are naturally beautiful. They are also incredible when bleached or dyed to showcase their light and floating presence.  Feathers combined with jewels are fabulous used in more than headpieces.

However you chose to incorporate some of the favorite elements of the beloved word, including some glamour and glitz will take your celebration to a special level of gorgeous.


Receptions that dance, dine and lounge…

Thursday, January 20th, 2011


Every day, wedding photos are shared like wildfire across the internet. I’m finding that in addition to the lump sum of gorgeous ceremonies that are captured, photos of receptions are flooding web space. These  reception photos exemplify the excitement of each celebration-this is where everyone at the wedding relaxes and the visiting and dancing begins. These moments are the first that the special guests get to enjoy with the bride and groom as a married cosideuple.

Throughout the years, receptions go through different trends and each bride is customizing them to create her own unique event, but there is an unending amount of photos filled with people dancing and dining the night away.

It’s at the reception that people really begin to celebrate with the bride and groom. It’s  when people get to mingle with others that are dear to them, and even some they haven’t visited with in some time.  The best thing about receptions is that it is a party that seems to hold many special moments inside of one large special moment. They are like gifts that just keep giving. I love seeing more and more receptions that focus on creating an experience for the guests. Different elements such as varying table sizes and heights, multiple bars, photo booths and lounge areas arheadere progressively becoming popular.






The idea of including a lounge area at the reception instantly creates a chic and inviting atmosphere. Lounging areas that are a part of the reception give guests that would like to relax instead of dance for a moment the opportunity to continue in the festivities.912-0047 

The furniture can be arranged into lounge areas, along the perimeter of the room or set up in groupings around the dance floor. Depending on how it is used, lounge furniture can be used as an anchor that brings the room together, or it can be simply complementary to the overall environment.


The simple versatility of lounge furniture adds to the list of reasons to love it. It can be used at both indoor and outdoor events for additional seating. The selection of lounge furniture available is consistently growing larger. It is available in many different forms, fabrics and finishes resulting in a wide variety of styles and themes. It can be customized to create any feel and can even be considered as part of the celebrationfurniture décor. 



However it is used, including lounge furniture provides  a great atmosphere and backdrop for a fabulous celebration. The reception is all about the people and the experience. We love finding and including great ways to create unique and special events that are overflowing with special moments.


Winter Wedding Wonderland

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

The holidays always come to a bittersweet ending. Even now, with New Years being a few weeks behind us, many are focused on the future, and are anxiously anticipating the bright freshness that spring brings. However, in Park City, there are many days left of frost to enjoy. We love that little extra bit of winter and all that it means. Snow days mean ski days for many of the fabulous brides that we work with, and we enjoy their visits in preparation for wonderful summer celebrations. Even so, we get to be a part of weddings that utterly revel in winter wonder.

snowy barn

Winter weddings are naturally unique. Snow covered festivities are so purely beautiful, it’s almost as if the ice and snow turn themselves to glitter just to celebrate with everyone.trees







The crispness of  snow embellishes every style, regardless of inspiration. It effortlessly provides a backdrop for every photograph, and when it falls during a ceremony or reception, it always seems as if it’s falling just to soften the mood.


The bitter cold that comes with the snow we all love gives us the opportunity to use accessories that belong only in the winter.  This applies to weddings and parties even more so than everyday life.  Fur lined boots and gloves are almost a necessity, and they can be paired with fur coats, stoles, muffs and much more. Some of these are special enough to be heirloom pieces, or are simply beautiful enough to be included in parts or all of a wecollections2 copydding.



Sleigh rides, hot cocoa and roaring fireplaces complement the frosty windows that absolutely glow with candlelight. Only winter and snow provide this incredible setting. 







And so, while every one might be incredibly focused on the coming months, we will continue to appreciate the wonder that is in every beautiful winter wedding until the last of the snow melts. 

Sensational Succulents!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

The end of 2010 brought us many fabulous finds. Many of these ideas became the kickoff of 2011 as they began to flourish in not only the “best of” predictions for the New Year, but in their actualization in wedding photos everywhere. This new group of fun ideas brings us mismatching bridesmaids dresses, bridal shoes that are anything but white, flash mobs and our favorite so far, the influx of succulents. From popular magazines and blogs to more tweets than you can imagine, Succulents are flooding the floral spotlight. We wanted to do a little research on this idea and share how it applies to our fabulous world of parties and weddings…

The word Succulent literally means, “Full of juice” or “rich in desirable quantities”. This choice of floral for your event gives you many different options for creating luscious texture easily. Succulents come in a variety of different shapes, colors and textures. The plants naturally lend themselves to flexibility. They have the substance to stand alone as increGorgeous Bouquet exampledible arrangements or become complementary to other great flora for all kinds of centerpieces and bouquets.

For a classic look, Val Rasmussen from Stella Posy suggests mixing softly shaped, pastel colored succulents with ruffled flowers such as peonies or ranunculus. She also suggests the use of roses, snapdragons and scabiosa.Classic Bouquet example Succulents mix well with collections of deep hues

Succulents are incredibly accommodating in that they complement an array of different styles. In addition to bringing a fresh vibe to a classic wedding, they can be the showcase to a vintage or organic wedding.Vibrant Colors complemented by bright Succulents


One of our favorite things about the use of succulents is that unlike many other gorgeous choices, succulents are great in all weather.  They hold water for very long periods of time so they are less likely to perish when used in bouquets and other innovative floral design ideas. They naturally come in different shades and textures, making it simple to get the exact look you want. Succulents and Manzanita

Because of their great organic style you can easily layer them to add height and interest with other great natural favorites like Manzanita and Curly Willow. 

 Since Succulents are popularly used alive (in pretty vessels in actual soil) you can get more out of them than simply the beautiful décor at your event.Succulent Favors


 There are so many gorgeous urns, pots and containers available that you can use with the arrangements to truly convey the emotion of your event.  The incredible memories will continue long after your celebration as they are lovingly nurtured in the gardens of the lucky attendees of your event.

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