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Gateway Bridal and Prom: Bridal we Love

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


Even though we are located in Park City, we still are great friends with many of the vendors surrounding us…One of our favorites, Gateway Bridal  and Prom, is located in the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake. We enjoy our visits with owner Nicole and her staff of twelve delightful consultants. Gateway Bridal is so full of beautiful gowns, dresses and accessoires, that you just can’t resist the desire to look at and feel every dress on their racks.gownsnveils





Because of their substantial selection of Bridal, Evening, Prom, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and Flowergirl dresses, you are sure to find the dress of your dreams. Even though their showroom is an overflowing collection of great gowns,  they pride themselves on providing the special boutique service that every bride and her party deserve.








We love  to share  only the best with every bride that comes to us. We know that suggesting Gateway Bridal and Prom means that we know our brides’ every need will be satisfied.

For years, the ladies at Gateway Bridal and Prom have brought both bridal fashion and affordability to Salt Lake and beyond. In their vast amount of gowns, you will find diversity. Their selections include diverse choices-you can find styles that are modest and fashionable as well as designer styles from couture lines.

Private appointments with the consultants are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00p.m. to 8:30p.m. During these appointments, the entire showroom is reserved for the bride and the consultant is available to cater to her every need. The experience that is provided for the bride is exclusive, intimate and so indulgent, even appetizers are included! These appointments are in such high demand that it is suggested to call at least two days prior to schedule your appointment.











 In their continuous efforts to provide and share the best with brides everywhere, you will also find great trunk shows at Gateway Bridal. Their next upcoming trunk show will feature gowns by designer Jane Wang you can check it out during March 2nd-5th.  Click here for more information and to make an appointment.

Gateway Contact Info_1

Gateway Bridal and Prom is located in the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake.

 Click here for location and contact information

Simply Wild for Wildflower Linen!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011


Us ladies at Soirée Productions are busy working away as this year’s wedding season is off to a fabulous start. Even so, we still make time for fun outings. For us, this means we get to explore and experience some of the better things in life. And this week, it was paying a visit to our lovely friends at the new Wildflower Linen studio in Heber, Utah. As a company, Wildflower Linen is renowned for the incredible work of YoungSong Martin. Her beautiful linen and tabletop design work is publicly famous and is constantly featured in some of the best magazines and blogs across the country, and even overseas. couch and cabinets



The studio itself is designed to inspire diverse creativity. Endless cabinets overflowing with beautiful fabrics hang perfectly. You can touch and experience every single fabric without any effort.  The fabrics and accessories simply glow with an opulence that only YoungSong could bring to the table. Literally.






As we entered, we immediately saw all the gorgeous tables  and displays. Instant excitement set in, and we could not even contain the inspiration that overwhelmed us.  

 I am excited to share with you all of the glorious examples they had for us. Without a doubt, Wildflower Linen is a magical key to a unique table, for any chairs and table




















All of the centerpieces that decorated the displays and tables were done by the amazing Amanda Hansen and her team at Decoration Inc.

The  whole morning was filled with fun and visiting with some of our favorite vendors. Young Song  and her Heber location team provided an incredible experience, not only with their showroom filled with absolute beauty, but with their great personalities and unending smiles.


We are excited to be able to have another absolutely fabulous choice for clients. We’re excited to work with Wildflower Linen and their beautiful fabrics. We are also very excited to share our great visit with you!


Its all about Jenny Yoo!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011


The last few weeks here at Soirée Productions have been full of anticipation. The diverse collection of fun things we are busy doing here in the studio keeps us always looking towards the future…that’s what event planning is all about. But recently, the new Jenny Yoo  for 2011 selections  have been heading to our great Park City studio and we just can’t wait to fill our racks with the great new things for this year.


Exclusive to Soirée Productions, Jenny Yoo is one of our studio favorites.  We love being able to provide such beautiful and chic dresses to brides and their maids. Jenny Yoo as a whole  exemplifies all things feminine, chic, understated and modern. This is because the dresses are all specifically designed to be the most flattering and luxurious.

The fabricsFabric Swatches copy, colors and overall design of every Bridesmaid dress is meant to add a level of absolute complement to both the wedding, and the bride’s dress of choice.

Every bridesmaid feels glamorous in her dress, and the dresses are so chic that they can be worn again and again at other events after the wedding. jennyyoothree

They are more than simply a bridesmaid dress. They are special occasion dresses and make for fabulous cocktail attire.  The fabulous sense of style and high quality crosses over to Jenny Yoo’s line of sweet dress  styles for brides.pagoga-sparkle jennyyoo2




Upon experiencing a Jenny Yoo dress, you become immediately aware of their flattering, contemporary and functional fit. The look achieved is always classic with a modern twist.

The luxurious, clean styling is enhanced by the luscious fabrics and delicate detailing. All of these give way to incredible high end dresses; so much so that it is without question that they are a complement to the studio at Soirée Productions.

Jenny Yoo as a company is as fabulous as their dresses. We work closely with our representatives to ensure that every order is satisfactory. Our relationship with the company is such that we have been able to find great solutions to every unique situation we are presented with.

Approximately once a month, the “Yoo Girls” release a new blog entry.  We love these, they include fun attire suggestions, company information, and fashion show photos. They also include fun things such as a showcase of their great dresses being used publicly. Recently, some of their collection was chosen to be included in the Catherine Heigl movie “Life as we know it”, and  Fox’s hit show “Glee”.  I’ve included the same video excerpt  that is found on the Jenny Yoo blog…just for the fun of it:Bridal Alternative
We have also been immensly impressed with the Bridal Alternative collection released from Jenny Yoo. We are absolutely in love with the styles we have received so far, and we know that it can only get better. The Bridal Alternative collection is the perfect match for the Bridesmaids dresses and are the perfect collection to guarantee a beautful day.


We are just as excited to have the new 2011 Jenny Yoo Collection as we are to share it with you.  Bring yourself, or include your maids and join the fun in Park City. The great new Jenny Yoo collection is one more great thing to add to your list of To-Do’s for the new year!




Jenny yoo collage

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