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‘Tis Tuxedo Season!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

At Soirée Productions, Prom tuxes are incredibly fun…all the nervous and excitable young men endlessly popping in, all the way up until the morning of Prom to get fitted,(or find out if it is too late to order!).

 Although the tuxes we provide are rental and not custom, I feel like a professional at measuring! The guys all looked fabulous and without a doubt, their dates appreciated having such studly gentlemen to escort them.

One of my favorites this year was the very modern and sleek white stand up collar and button-less jacket with a black shirt and pants underneath.  I was pleasantly  surprised at how fantastic this looked on all age ranges.

As we spring forward into our busier part of the year, Wedding Season, we are at it again suiting up men in Wedding parties: Fathers, Grooms, Groomsmen and Ringbearers…

We have an incredibly easy system to get all your men dressed up just right, and ready for their big day. Contact us and we will help you get all your men looking instantly suave!

A Night Out with The Daniel Day Trio

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

One of my favorite things is to see our fab vendors in action. Each company in our Vendor Library is there for a reason, because they are excellent at what they do. So when I get the chance to fully experience the talent of our vendors, I quickly take up the opportunity. The 80’s Pop Art Party at The Red Door in Downtown Salt Lake City, featuring The Daniel Day Trio, was no exception.

When Daniel sent me the invitation to this fun night out, I had only one choice-to accept!

Of course, I couldn’t go alone, so I invited a friend of mine, Heidi from ZumaPhoto to join me in a night out with The Daniel Day Trio.

Heidi and I got creative and came up with some great attire for the evening…

I think the theme description,  “80’s Pop Art Party” explains how much fun we had getting dressed and doing hair and makeup… the end result was fantastic!

 When we arrived at The Red Door, only a few people were in similar conspicuous outfits, so we knew the party was just getting started.

 We took in the fantastic scenery a little, got something to sip on, and found ourselves a table in the front row. 

 Our excitement grew as more and more people arrived with awesome 80’s hair and accessories to go with their fun reminiscent outfits.

The Daniel Day Trio was just coming back from a break so everyone settled into their seats and enjoyed the amazing music that filled the air.

 Heidi and I were absolutely not disappointed. Not only did the Trio wear awesome suits that glowed in the black lights, but the music was a perfect mix of contemporary and classic. They played everything from Lady Gaga to Elton John to Depeche Mode.  I love the mood that their music creates and how it set the tone for a perfect atmosphere.  The music was upbeat and fun and easygoing and lighthearted, all at the same time! In addition to having such a great sound, the guys truly have skill. Watching them play, you become aware of the many, many hours of practice and playing together that it took to become such great performers, while being incredibly in sync with each other.

Their music and their persona has already proven to be a winning choice for weddings and parties. They are consistently booked and are overwhelmingly popular. If you get a chance to see them perform live, definitely do it.  If you get the opportunity to have them play your event, book them. You and your guests will be immensly satisfied.

Featuring a Simone Carvalli Trunk Show at Gateway Bridal & Prom

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I never cease to be amazed at the new gowns that are introduced each season.  It is always exciting to see what the designers create from their inspiration, whatever their muse. Continually, I am intrigued by the things that designers bring to life. A true lover of fashion and design myself, I think that it is safe for me to say, that I am never surprised to see the intricately exquisite beauty that comes of Simone Carvalli. If ever a bride wanted to feel like a princess, or a piece of jewelry (or both!), I am convinced that all she would need is a gown from the Simone Carvalli collection.

I am also convinced that I am not the only one excited that Simone Carvalli gowns are available right here in Utah. Salt Lake City, to be exact. Even better… the beautiful and luxurious gowns are available at Gateway Bridal & Prom. This season, they have an amazing selection of Carvalli and to top it off, they are preparing for a trunk show!

The Simone Carvalli Trunk Show will be held Monday, May 12th and Tuesday, May 13th, 2011.

Be prepared for an exorbitant amount of only the finest silk, most glittering Swarovski Crystals and all the beaded detail that would be the crowning glory of any bride’s biggest day!

During the trunk show, all Simone Carvalli gowns will be available for 10% off, and as always, the incredible staff at Gateway Bridal & Prom will be ready to ensure that every bride finds the perfect gown.

Trunk show appointments will of course, fill up quickly, so call to make your appointment.

Gateway Bridal and Prom is located in the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City.

You can call them at 801.363.2574

or visit their website: Gateway Bridal & Prom

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