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The many forms of an Artist

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

My  hope is that it is common knowledge that the  Vendor Library at Soirée Productions is full of only the most talented and trustworthy of vendors and venues. By exclusive invitation only, we showcase our chosen vendors and venues both physically in our studio and on our website. We choose to recommend and refer only the best in Utah.

I am excited to personally be forming great friendships with the personalities that form our Vendor Libray. I get the priviledge of experiencing the skill and talent of our vendors when we work with them at events, but I also get to learn about the other things they accomplish in their lives. Classical Guitarist, Michael Lucarelli is no exception. 

Michael is a consistent choice for many of our clients, and he is fabulous at providing just the perfect ambiance for any part of a wedding or event. His skill with a guitar is world reknowned and we love the energy he brings to a party. 

Recently, I was excited to discover that he is also a skilled painter. I was invited to the opening reception of his art at the Patrick Moore Gallery in Salt Lake.

Michael was showcasing his collection of art, “Celestial Images”.

I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at the Patrick Moore Gallery, and see that the gallery was filled with the art of clearly skilled artists. I walked around and checked out all of the many rooms and finally arrived at Michael’s art.

Of course, Michael greeted his guests at the door and we walked around and looked at the art. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and loved learning about his explanation of the pieces. Much of Michael’s inspiration for his paintings comes from the yoga class that he teaches. Instead of an easel, he paints on the floor, after the students leave, and he does an absolutely fabulous job of capturing the energy and creating imags such as his “Celestial Images” collection.


Michael’s art is impressive. It showcases his understanding of color, texture and emotion very well. I appreciate this so much, because to me, it provides yet another element to his personality. I feel that his understanding of emotion and energy, and his talent in communicating it so well in his paintings is also very prominent in his musical abilities as a classical guitarist. Without a doubt, a skilled multi-talented artist is someone to be admired. The prescence of Michael Lucarelli, either as a guitarist or as a painter is always pleasant and very much enjoyed.

To experience both of Michael’s talents, please attend his Classical Guitar Recital at The Patrick Moore Gallery at 2233 South 700 East, Salt Lake City Utah on June 22nd 2011.

 He will begin playing at 7:00p.m. in the same gallery that his art is hanging in.

A Soirée Night Out

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

This spring, we took advantage of some of the fun places in Park City and decided to put together a tour of a few of our favorite places to eat, and drink! With so many fab places in Park City, I narrowed the selections down to just what was on Main Street.

 I was still left with many fine establishments, so I refined my choices again to what would be absolutely lovely places to share with the variety of clients that come so naturally to Soirée.

To ensure a great night, I was sure to include the company of few of our friends: Pepper Nix of Pepper Nix Photography, Heidi Uhl of ZumaPhoto, Kelly Simons of Shutterbooth Utah  and Pamela Longley of SkyLodge. We were all anticipating a great night with my top three picks of restaurants on Main Street.




We began our evening at Bar Boheme. To start, we picked a group of the Bar Boheme Signature Cocktails:

The Extra Dirty Martini, The Acai Sour, The Pomsecco, and the Asom Cosmo.

After devouring the delectable food at Bar Boheme, we took a short stroll to Zoom Restaurant. We were greeted by a relaxing atmosphere and cheerful staff. 

Cozy fireplace seating and signature cocktails were waiting for us: Espresso Martini and the Sundance Margarita.

We enjoyed these and also had a few appetizers: Grilled Flatbread and out of this world Seafood Ceviche. All of the staff was incredibly accommodating and the ambiance was exactly perfect.

After all of that food and the Espresso Martinis, we moved onto Silver Restaurant.

Just a small jaunt up Main Street, we were excited to experience the new and popular lounge.

We ordered many of their specialty cocktails, including: The Silver Fox, The Cosmo,  and The Silver Snake.

Silver’s party atmosphere and multi-levels automatically make it a favorite, but their drinks absolutely lived up to every expectation.

The thought that led to the experience at Silver is absolutely noticeable. From the furniture to the cocktails, every element of the restaurant is sure to provide the perfect evening for any guest.

Our evening out exceeded all of our expectations.  Our love for sharing our great experiences provides for fabulous memories. We are excited to continue this and share with our friends and clients. Cheers!


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