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Dining at Deer Valley

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, I am excited to share one of my most favorite winter experiences available in Park City (there are multiple favorites, but this is definitely high on the list!).

The Deer Valley Dine Around.  There is not much more to be desired in life than to get to experience the food of Deer Valley Resort. At all of their venues.  In one evening.

I am here to share my food coma experience with you, in hopes that you will be inspired by the delectable edibles of  Deer Valley Resort and make your reservation at one of their restaurants. ASAP.

After all, you will definitely need a reservation, it’s no secret how amazing their food and service is.

We began by driving up to Deer Valley Grocery Café for a little introduction.

The Deer Valley Grocery Café really is fun, they carry a full bar and shelves stocked with lots of local goodies to meet your snack time needs.

After the group devoured our kick-off sips, we boarded the shuttle and  the dine-around crew made our way to Silver Lake Lodge.

Silver Lake is a lovely venue for parties and weddings, and it doubles as a great restaurant.

Here, you will find Silver Lake Restaurant, Royal Street Café, and Mariposa.

From intimate dining to a grab-and-go breakfast, Silver Lake Lodge has options sure to please everyone.

The lodge is host to one of Park City’s most unique dining experiences. Specially prepared Swiss Raclette, and all the sides, combined with fire roast leg of lamb, kettle cooked stews, and even incredible fire melted fondue -all nestled in some of the most gorgeous aspens you can find.

After we had our fill at Empire, we returned to our shuttle and were on path to the ever popular Snow Park. I was excited for the last stop on our little tour…I was already full…but I knew the famous Snow Park Restaurant Seafood Buffet and the Snow Park Bakery were waiting for me…so I rolled myself into the restaurant trying to find space for yet more amazing food I simply knew awaited me…

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