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Corporate Events-Standard Optical’s 100 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

There are many different facets of Soirée Productions when it comes to our role in the event industry. Many people are very aware of the gorgeous and flawless weddings and social parties that we do…but maybe what isn’t such common knowledge is that we are experts at corporate events as well. The fun of corporate events is often really different and there isn’t always details to showcase since many corporate events included conferences and team building activities.

Last year we were invited to be a part of planning the 100 year anniversary party of Standard Optical. We were so excited for this event, and we immediately delved into planning a unique and extremely fun event for the many special people that make Standard Optical an amazing company.

We brought in some gorgeous models to showcase the great eye wear styles that Standard Optical is so famous for, invited a few of our favorite vendors from the Soirée Vendor Library and turned the McCune Mansion in Salt Lake host for the fab celebration.

Summer Invitation Love

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

With wedding season approaching…we find ourselves more and more excited. Mostly this is because is it invitation time. We have been sharing some of our fantastic Invitation Suites lately, and so today you get to see one more.

This is one of my favorites-because it is purely just beautiful.

Feast your eyes and dream about the fab wedding that is sure to come with this gorgeous Italian-paper-letter-pressed-invitation…brought to you by Nine Grain Design!

Bring on Summer with a Barbeque!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

The perfect summer day calls for intimate gatherings of nearest and dearest. We are happy to say that we often times get called upon to put together wonderfully casual, special and bright personal celebrations.

We love weddings, but we also seriously enjoy private parties. This evening barbeque called on our creativity.

With a little Soirée whimsy and a perfect location-the guests at this barbeque were greeted with food as bright as the flowers and even some private live music.

Design and Planning by Soirée Productions, Catering by Utah Food Services, Flowers by Silver Crickett.

Setting The Tone with Custom Invitations

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Invitations. One of the most important pieces to the wedding celebration.

It is, after all, how your guests even become aware of your wedding. They are the first impression.

The tone is set the moment your guest holds that special envelope in their hot little hands.

Today, I share with you a fantastic invitation suite from one of our fabulous weddings. The suite was custom made by Nine Grain Design, and includes beautifully personal and well thought out introductions to an incredible weekend.

The Bride favored metallic paper, and just like the wedding, every single piece is custom and unique-right down to the specialty stamps.


Vendor Spotlight: Photographer Nick Sokoloff

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

It isn’t every day that we get the opportunity to sit and chat, have a margarita (or two) and enjoy the surroundings with incredible wedding photographers…but when we do get the chance-well, we talk for hours.

We treated Utah wedding photojournalist Nick Sokoloff to lunch at Loco Lizard(our favorite Taco Tuesday spot) and took the perfect weather opportunity we were presented with to enjoy some outside time.

Everyone knows that one of the token characteristics of Soirée Productions is that we are the purveyors of Wedding Vendors…and only the absolute best are featured in our Vendor Library.

Photographer Nick Sokoloff has been a part of the Vendor Library at Soirée Productions since its inception many years ago.

We decided we needed a refresher course on his history and how he acquired such talent…so our afternoon of question and answer began.

Soirée Question: How did you become interested in Photography?

Nick: “I started taking photos for my college newspaper, as a journalist. It was much more fun than regular schoolwork.”

Soirée Question: Did you know how to take photos then? Or did you figure it out as you went?

Nick: “I pretty much learned as I went, the darkroom, the cameras, film…It really caught my interest.”

Soirée Question: What were you pursuing in college?

Nick: “Liberal Arts, Economics, Poly-Sci. I went back to grad school in Missouri for Photojournalism.”

Soirée Question: How did you make your way to Utah?

Nick: “After Grad School, I was working at the newspaper in Santa Fe as an intern. My internship was ending and I landed a job for a newspaper in Ogden. And I had friends there as well. So here I am!”

Soirée Question: How did you go from Newspapers to Weddings?

Nick: “I worked with Internet startup companies…and was able to create my own website to showcase my work-before websites were big. I was doing a lot of magazine work, and acquired a great clientele. This was back in the days of real photography-before everyone had a digital camera. Photography was different back then.

I started shooting some weddings and wedding photography wasn’t as popular back then…and I just kept shooting wedding photography and became a part of the Soirée Vendor Library.”

Soirée Question: Where do you think Photography is going?

Nick: “Wedding photography has a leading is an amazing outlet for photographers. There are many photographers out there, but wedding photography is an interesting thing. There are some seriously amazing wedding photographers.”

Soirée Question: Everyone needs a photographer at their wedding.  People can find themselves without a lot of the pieces, but never without a photographer. Even if you have a small and very intimate wedding-you always have a wedding photographer.

Nick: “It is an interesting world now for photography. Photographers aren’t paid what they used to be, and I think photography is transforming into more real and seriously good photos that are untouched. Real storytelling. Obvious thought behind each photos. People feel a lot of pressure to overshoot everything, but if you know what you are doing-then you don’t have to.  It’s hard predict, but I think it photography will get even better. I think it will be more pure. Good photography has a chance to really stand out.”

Soirée Question: Do you think that the Internet and the fact that ANYONE can start a blog has helped the industry or hurt the industry?

Nick: “On one hand I think it could hurt it slightly… because I’ve seen a lot of “dumbed down” photography. People are inundated with images these days. There is a lot of overuse and less original content. It’s much easier for people to copy ideas now. So on the other hand, I think it’s helped the industry in that truly good photography has the chance to really stand out.  I think if you really do know what you’re doing, your photos will be timeless and they will stand up to all of the changes to come.”

Soirée Question:You’re one of the most longstanding Vendors in the Soirée Productions Vendor Library.  Do you feel it has added to your success in the wedding industry, and how do you feel it has been beneficial?

“I have been a member of the Soirée library for over ten years. This experience has been invaluable in every aspect of my wedding photography business. Soirée definitely helps me to book magnificent weddings at the most beautiful and service-oriented venues in the state. I get to work with the best people in the business and establish long-lasting business and personal relationships. When Soirée is producing an event, I know that the day will run smoothly, look beautiful, and be organized down to the last details…and I will be free to make beautiful, story-telling images.  Soirée Productions is definitely one of the top event planners in the country…they provide the highest, most thorough level of service and create profoundly meaningful events for all their clients. As a Soirée vendor, I feel that I am representing not just Nick Sokoloff Photography, but Soirée Productions as well, and I always strive to match the wonderful level of service they provide.”

Our afternoon with Nick was fabulous and  we are excited to talk about the industry, photography, and really share the story behind the great talent that we are surrounded with.

Nick’s website: has all of his information and many more photo galleries filled with his incredible work.

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