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Park City Summers=Deer Valley Concerts!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Though we have already been busy with summer weddings, we try to find time during the week to take a break from it all and meet up with our lovely industry friends.

What better way to take a minute and relax than to head to Deer Valley’s Snow Park Lodge and attend a few free concerts? That is exactly what we did.

We got together with Britt Chudleigh (of Chudleigh Wedding Photography), Tessa Woolf (Editor of Salt Lake Bride and Groom Magazine), Nicole Thomas (Owner of Gateway Bridal and Prom) and we combined delish snacks, yummy drinks and cozy quilts. The music of Afro Omega played on and the wonderful reggae tunes lulled us all into a great mood as we chatted it up about all of our fabulous summer weddings, upcoming trends, fun and exciting summer plans and mingled with Park City locals.

From Left: Britt Chudleigh, Tessa Woolf, Melissa Hagen, Kristin Spear, Nichole Thomas, Norma Hagen.

We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful town. Park City is host to many local concerts.

For a full list of local concerts and events, please click here!

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