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McPolin Barn

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Park City is a funny place; part luxury, part rustic. Part ski bum, part billionaire. Beyond the multi-million dollar estates and the glamour of the Sundance Film Festival, Park City is home to free range cattle, large working ranches and along with that a deep history in mining and farming. I recently stumbled onto a fabulous book from Rick Pieros Photography, with a collection of images spanning Park City’s past and present. I love history, and I’m a bit enamored with the idea of a tiny mining town being transformed into the small paradox we experience today- the town just strikes me as being so dynamic with the plethora of ski resorts and high end companies that call it home, while still mainting it’s small town feel. That’s one of things that attracts me so much to the area; currently loving the urban environment of Salt Lake City, I keep finding myself saying that if I settle down in Utah, Park City would be the place.

If you have ever looked into the history of Park City you are hit with the imagery of the McPolin Barn- I’m certainly convinced that throughout time it has been one of the most photographed places in Utah. In our business, it embodies so much of what western weddings are about and what brings so many Bride & Grooms and their families to Park City; intimate, wild, beautiful and rustic. It is a favored place with brides and artists alike and therefore so many of our clients choose to include the setting in their engagement or wedding photos. In my hunt for more information about McPolin Barn, I discovered the farm was built in 1908- can you imagine life in Park City in 1908?! Rest assured it was much different the quaint destination town we see today. From Dairy Farm to stunning backdrop- check out these pictures to get inspired!

Love the American flag backdrop!

The Oscars Were Good To the Sundance Film Festival

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The Oscars are right around the corner. In fact, the awards show is airing live on ABC this Sunday, February 24, at 5 p.m. MST. This year is particularity exciting because 5 films I saw at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival are nominated.

I am especially excited for Beasts of the Southern Wild. This was a film I saw on a whim, not even knowing what it was about. But I had tickets to see the Grand Jury Prize Dramatic Winner and now I’m in love. I’m in love with the protagist, Hushpuppy, played by Quvenzhané Wallis. She is delightful, powerful and enchanting. It is terribly wonderful to see this film nominated for Best Picture and Quvenzhané nominated for Best Actress in Leading Role.

Also, I saw 4 of the 5 films nominated for Best Documentary:
5 Broken Cameras,
The Invisible War,
How to Survive a Plage, and
Searching for Sugar Man

I am hoping that Searching for Sugarman will win but 5 Broken Cameras was a fabulous film and will provide stiff competetion.

I know everyone else will be paying attention mostly to the gowns and celebrities but I truly love movies and I am so proud that films from the Festival had such a great representation.

Norma’s Surprise 21st Birthday Trip to Las Vegas

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

I love surprises. I love making people happy (duh, that’s why I’m a wedding planner) and I love being sneaky. If I get a chance to be sneaky that allows me to make someone deliriously happy. I will do it!


For my husband’s last birthday, I bought hundreds of brightly colored helium filled balloons from the party store and filled our bedroom with them as he slept, so that he would wake up to a rain forest of color on his birthday morning.


This February, I had another amazing opportunity to pull off a great surprise. My dear assistant and friend, Norma, was turning 21. She has been working with me since she was 19. She even lived with me for a month when she first moved to Utah. We are very close and naturally, I wanted to surprise her with something great for her birthday.


Melissa and I decided that a trip to Las Vegas would be the only thing suitable for Norma. But we couldn’t tell her about the trip. It HAD to be a surprise. Melissa told Norma that she was indeed taking her on a trip but the trip would be to San Diego. Not only did Norma not know she would be traveling to Las Vegas but she had no idea that I would be joining them, and we were flying her mom in from Oregon. Our friend, Alfreda, even popped in to celebrate.


We had three days and three fun filled nights in my favorite party city, to celebrate a coming of age. I can’t talk about most of the trip – What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas – but Melissa did make a video to commemorate the parts we can share. Also, it turned out to be a fun competition between our friends Conn Curran & Rob Bennion who were also on a trip to Houston. Who had the better time? WE DID!