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Fashion Friday | New York Shopping Spree | White Couture Designer Bridal & Tuxedo

Friday, December 4th, 2009

The team at White Couture wants to share a little bit of our shopping experience in New York.  Each time we go to New York we get to meet with our designers and attend runway show after runway show.  It sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?  Well it is fun but exhausting at the same time.  We run; literally run from show to show.  We stop for an occasional pretzel from our favorite street vendors and then run to the next visit.  We study the new “look” of the season and determine which of the styles best fit our clientele.  That’s where you come in!  We think of our clients throughout our trip.  We want to be sure to bring you the collections that you’re looking for.  This season we were amazed with the number of ballgowns and modified ballgowns we saw.  Guess what?  Ballgowns are back baby!  Of course I happen to know this makes many of you happy.  We all want to feel like Cinderella but now, well there’s an excuse.  Ballgowns are making the come back we were all hoping for.  Styles come and go with pick ups setting the trend a few years ago, a splash of color in a gown is still popular, and now…ballgowns.  Wait until you start shopping the newest collection.  You’ll love it.  And it isn’t just the designers you would expect to introduce ballgowns.  They are all over the place.

We were lucky enough to travel with our good friend and fabulous photographer Pepper Nix.  She documented much more then runway shows.  So maybe it isn’t so much of a stressful trip but I didn’t lie when I said an exhausting one.  We boarded our flight in Salt Lake City at midnight and landed at JFK at 6:10 am.  We headed straight to the hotel.  Our room wasn’t ready so we made ourselves at home in the bathroom located in the gorgeous lobby of our hotel.  If I remember correctly it had six sinks and Pepper used 3 of them to spread out her luggage and “stuff”.  We “freshened” up and then we were off to our first show at 8:00 am.  Then off to the next at 9:00 am.  We were off again at 10:00 am.  Well we finally made it to show number four and Pepper now had a clear understanding of Bridal Market in New York.  She begged us to stop and rest so we finally agreed to let her rest in the lobby of the Essex Hotel while we attended the show.  After an hour we came back to get Pepper and we found her laying down and sound asleep in the lobby!  LOL! It would have been a great photo but of course she has rigged her camera so only she knows how to operate it.  I hope the description creates the picture for you.  Pepper we had so much fun with you.  We can’t wait for the next market.  Thanks again for traveling with us and documenting the trip.  We hope you had fun.

We invite every current bride, future bride, and friends to stop by and see us at White Couture.  The entire new Fall 2010 collection we just viewed at Bridal Market will be available beginning January 1, 2010.  The designers have guaranteed every piece will be in stores no later then April 30th!  Call us if you’re looking for a particular gown.  We’ll be able to tell you when it will arrive or if you can’t wait, we’ll borrow it from the designer and have it shipped for a private fitting just for you.  See you soon.


Lillie and Christina make their final selections


Christina takes time out to smile for the camera


Lillie examines the texture and details


Racing from one show to another, we had time for a pretzel from a NY street vendor


Racing through the city!


Enjoying Drunken Donuts with Jane Wang at David Burkes Townhouse in Manhattan


Lillie studies the collection to determine the right gowns for Utah


Lillie shows off the Cheesecake Lollipop tree at David Burkes Townhouse in Manhattan--One of our favorite restaurants!


Christina races to Carolina Herrera's runway show


A closer look at Carolina Herrera's collection of bridal belts


Welcome to Reem Acra


Welcome to Judd Waddell


A final look at our selections

Okay, that’s enough.  You get the picture.  We work hard when we’re shopping but we make time for fun.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love New York!

Tip Tuesday: Make it Personal

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

We had a wonderful opportunity to work with a client who has a love for tradition.  Let me explain…She had her bouquet tied with the ribbon from a bouquet she caught at a wedding last year with her then “boyfriend”.  Her father sang at her wedding ceremony just as he did the day he married her mother.  All of these little things made their ceremony special.  As a planner, I recommend every bride add a little bit of tradition and their personal touch into their own wedding day to make it that much more special.  Everything this bride chose had a special meaning to her.  The photos, the toasting flutes, the hanky, earrings…the list goes on.  How wonderful for her to include a piece of her memories on her special day.  One of my favorite things about this wedding were the place cards.  She and the groom share personal feelings about apples so we incorporated apple candles falling from their own tree and attached the name of each guest and table assignments.  The entire wedding decor showcased a vintage feel.  The peach and apple green flowers were placed in vintage urns.  The linens were a wonderful green moire.  The accent tables were highlighted with a floral damask that was perfect for the vintage look.  From parrot tulips, old family photos, elegant linens, apples galore and a perfect wedding cake beaded with ivory swirls; this wedding came together beautifully.  To top it all off the bride wore a gorgeous Rivini lace gown with an organza sash.  Her accessories although new, were personally made by a friend at vintage bling.  Finally, their custom logo was carried out in their welcome bags, table numbers and cocktail napkins.   The bride and groom have relocated to Canada to begin their new life together.  Thanks to you both for letting us share in your special day!  We wish you love and happiness always.




Gown:  Rivini at White Couture Designer Bridal & Tuxedos
Bridesmaids:  Jenny Yoo at White Couture Designer Bridal & Tuxedos
Florist:  Orchid Dynasty
Videography:  David Perry Films
Photography:  Pepper Nix
Music: Joe Muscolino Band
Stationery:  Nine-Grain-Design
Hair/Make-Up:  Paula Dahlberg
Catering/Venue:  Deer Valley Resort, Silver Lake Lodge
Pastry Chef:  Letty Flatt, Deer Valley Resort

Fashion Friday: A Bit of “Something” at Deer Valley Resort

Friday, November 13th, 2009

920-0322This beautiful Rivini gown purchased at White Couture Designer Bridal & Tuxedos tied in perfectly with the wedding theme and decor. Brides believe in traditions and nothing says it better then “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” In keeping with tradition, you may find ways to incorporate them into your wedding. Some brides may want to wear their mom’s gown but later decide maybe it’s just not the right one. Consider incorporating a “piece” of your mom’s gown from the hem or inside slip and have your seamstress sew a piece of her dress into yours. A heart shape, bell shape or interlocking rings are some ideas. You can hide this little add on to the inside slip or bodice of your gown. Or, maybe your grandmother has a bar pin in blue you can wear. babybraceletOne of our clients recently was given her fiances baby bracelet he wore at the hospital when he was born.Beaded in blue his name was spelled out. It was presented as a gift to the bride from the mother of the groom just before she walked down the aisle. Our bride chose to pin it to the inside seam of her gown and now her “somethings” were complete. There are so many ways to incorporate tradition with today’s modern bride. Make it meaningful to you and then save that tradition to pass on to your own daughter or daughter-in-law one day. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!


Gown: Rivini at White Couture Designer Bridal & Tuxedos
Bridesmaids: Jenny Yoo at White Couture
Design & Decor: Soiree Productions
Photography: (Wedding) Pepper Nix
Photography: (Blog Post) Nick Sokoloff

Fashion Friday: New York Bridal Market

Friday, October 16th, 2009

NYC_New_York_Lower_Manhattan_and_Battery_Park_from_HelicopterNew York-Here we come!  Going to the Big Apple is one of the many things we look forward to each year at White Couture.  Twice per year our stylists have the opportunity to meet with designers and attend runway shows to determine the styles and collections we will be offering you–our customer!  The hussle of New York is great but imagine attending 20 runway shows in 36 hours.  That’s about what it takes to make sure we have looked at every new gown available.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please let us know some of your favorite designers and we’ll be sure to check them out and talk about bringing them to Utah for you.  A this year’s market we’ll be visiting with new designers and those we already carry.  We’ll schedule trunk shows.  Do you know what a trunk show offers?  Trunk shows are an opportunity for the designer or a representative to travel with the newest collection and bring it to our studio for you to try on and enjoy.  There are many advantages to attending a trunk show but the top 3 reasons you should attend include:

1.  Special promotions and discounts are offered.
2.  Design modifications may be done with the designer in person.
3.  View and try-on every gown in the current collection.  Some may not be available at the studio on a regular basis.

Don’t let a trunk show pass you by.  Many trunk shows are offered throughout the year.  We invite you to attend those that interest you.

Be sure to follow our blog and leave a comment.  This month you could be the winner of a $100 Gift Certificate for your shopping pleasure!  Next week and during the month of October, Fashion Friday will bring you photos from the runway shows we attend, new designers available at White Couture, and designer interviews for a special post of  “meet the designers”.  Join us on Fashion Fridays for the latest trends.  Pepper Nix will be traveling with us at this year’s market to photograph gowns, designers and hot new trends!  Don’t miss these updates.

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