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Norma’s Surprise 21st Birthday Trip to Las Vegas

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

I love surprises. I love making people happy (duh, that’s why I’m a wedding planner) and I love being sneaky. If I get a chance to be sneaky that allows me to make someone deliriously happy. I will do it!


For my husband’s last birthday, I bought hundreds of brightly colored helium filled balloons from the party store and filled our bedroom with them as he slept, so that he would wake up to a rain forest of color on his birthday morning.


This February, I had another amazing opportunity to pull off a great surprise. My dear assistant and friend, Norma, was turning 21. She has been working with me since she was 19. She even lived with me for a month when she first moved to Utah. We are very close and naturally, I wanted to surprise her with something great for her birthday.


Melissa and I decided that a trip to Las Vegas would be the only thing suitable for Norma. But we couldn’t tell her about the trip. It HAD to be a surprise. Melissa told Norma that she was indeed taking her on a trip but the trip would be to San Diego. Not only did Norma not know she would be traveling to Las Vegas but she had no idea that I would be joining them, and we were flying her mom in from Oregon. Our friend, Alfreda, even popped in to celebrate.


We had three days and three fun filled nights in my favorite party city, to celebrate a coming of age. I can’t talk about most of the trip – What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas – but Melissa did make a video to commemorate the parts we can share. Also, it turned out to be a fun competition between our friends Conn Curran & Rob Bennion who were also on a trip to Houston. Who had the better time? WE DID!

The Soirée Ladies Go to Vegas!

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

When the Soirée ladies hear Las Vegas calling our name…we have no choice but to hit the road.

 Of course, it wasn’t just for a quick vacation; actually we set out for two weeks of work mixed in with some Las Vegas adventure.
All year, we have been anticipating the Wedding MBA Conference, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

We could barely contain our excitement for the great speakers, information and inspiration to be had. And really, how could it be any better, it is held in Las Vegas!
After a very busy summer we rushed out of Salt Lake, a 6 ½ hour drive ahead of us. All we could talk about was our expectations of the event and what was in store for us. Not to mention, our friend Pamela of the Sky Lodge in Park City was going to join us. Guaranteed fun!

The smart thing to do when at a conference in Vegas, is to make good use of the Tram.

It delivers you right to the convention center, and since classes begin early every day, the less walking the better!

We loved taking the Tram. Because so many great people in the wedding industry come to this conference, the Tram is simply full of interesting conversations and new friendships!

Each class was inspirational and full of interesting new ideas and refreshing reminders.

Many key people in the wedding industry were present, including speakers from Wedding Wire, The Knot, Susan Southerland, Kathy Ireland, Get Married Magazine,, and many more.

Topics of discussion included 2012 Trends(We’ll give you a sneek peek at those later!), technological advancements(my favorite!), and endless amounts of inspiration. We are so excited to incorporate all that we learned and make every day an even better experience!

Of course, you can’t be in Las Vegas and ignore all the amazing dining there is to be had…we started out our week with an absolutely divine dinner with our lovely friend Pamela from the Skylodge.

We dined at Scarpetta in one of the newer Las Vegas hotels, the Cosmopolitan.

After dinner we visited the incredibly chic Chandelier lounge, and took in one of the most breathtaking views, Las Vegas at night. We definately felt as though we were at the intersection of art and life.

The Wedding MBA was incredibly informational, and we absolutely could not wait to bring our inspiration back to Park City…but there was yet more in store for the Soirée ladies in Las Vegas(stay tuned for more Las Vegas fun)!

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