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Corporate Events-Standard Optical’s 100 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

There are many different facets of Soirée Productions when it comes to our role in the event industry. Many people are very aware of the gorgeous and flawless weddings and social parties that we do…but maybe what isn’t such common knowledge is that we are experts at corporate events as well. The fun of corporate events is often really different and there isn’t always details to showcase since many corporate events included conferences and team building activities.

Last year we were invited to be a part of planning the 100 year anniversary party of Standard Optical. We were so excited for this event, and we immediately delved into planning a unique and extremely fun event for the many special people that make Standard Optical an amazing company.

We brought in some gorgeous models to showcase the great eye wear styles that Standard Optical is so famous for, invited a few of our favorite vendors from the Soirée Vendor Library and turned the McCune Mansion in Salt Lake host for the fab celebration.

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