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What if I don’t want the typical wedding venue?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Hotels and lodges are great for weddings but often a couple is looking for something a little more customizable, special and outside of the box. We love working at private homes, bed and breakfasts, ranches, historical sites, museums, art galleries, inns and golf courses but it takes a knowledgeable and experiences planner to pull it off properly. Typically, with these unique venues you are going to need a lot more rentals that would otherwise be included at your hotel or lodge. Having a wedding in a distinctive locale isn’t necessarily cheaper make sure you understand all the cost involved and what needs to be rented. You many need to rent:
– Tables
– Chairs
– Linens
– Lighting
– Tent
– Heaters or AC
– Generator
– Restrooms
– Valet

Also, there may not be a full event staff on hand like there is at a hotel. Make sure you have enough personnel to take care of the restrooms, refuse, parking and event management. Having a 20 people over for Thanksgiving is not the same as having 200 people over for a wedding.

Confirm that all of the vendors have walked through the venue to ensure everyone has enough space and enough power to properly execute their job. You don’t want to find out on the wedding day that the DJ and the lighting are allocated to the same circuit.

What about rain? Is there enough space to move your group indoors if summer showers are upon you? Make sure you have a tent on hold in case of inclement weather.

It’s wonderful to have a different feel to your event than the same old ballroom. Do your research and hire a great planner to ensure all the bases are covered.

Rodizio Grill – Salt Lake City | Soirée Productions | Wedding + Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

This week the event planners at Soiree Productions we were invited to enjoy an amazing dinner at Rodizio Grill.   Located in Trolley Square and American Fork,  Rodizio Grill can accommodate up to 350 guests for a wedding or rehearsal dinner.  With the flip of a button to red or green, servers come by your table and offer you tenderloin, chicken, mahi-mahi and so much more.  The menu is quite extensive.  Their salad bar is the best we’ve seen.  Full of salads, potatoes, black beans, rice, grilled vegetables and on and on it goes.  AMAZING.  Rodizio Grill offers a private dining area perfect for a wedding or rehearsal dinner and all for only $24.99 per guest!  The food was delicious, the service impeccable and the desserts were heavenly.  The team at Soiree Productions can’t wait to book an event at Rodizio Grill.  Oh, luncheons are only $16.99 per person!  To find out more about weddings, parties and other special events visit their website.  Thank you to Rick, Director of Marketing and Events for a great night at Rodizio Grill!


What is a Trunk Show? | White Couture Designer Bridal & Tuxedos

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


A trunk show is a special event, hosted by at White Couture, which features one designer. At our trunk shows, you will have the opportunity to view the designer’s entire collection, as well as preview the new collection that may not yet be in stores! The gowns are sent directly from the designer to us so we may display the gowns for one weekend.

A representative from the designer’s studio is usually present to consult with us and our brides and style your wedding day look. The representative works closely with us in her studio in New York and can help customize your gown to create a one of a kind look. These representatives are experts in fabric, fit and construction and can answer any questions about the gowns or the process on the spot.

White Couture always offers you a special promotion during a trunk show weekend.  Typically you can count on 10% savings or a complimentary gift with purchase.  Join us for our trunk shows and take advantage of these opportunities.  For a list of upcoming events, visit our website.  We look forward to assisting you!

Typical FAQ’s:

Do I need to make an appointment?

It is best to make an appointment to ensure that enough time with a consultant and representative is blocked out just for you.

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course! It’s a good idea to bring someone with you to help you choose your gown. Bring someone whose opinion you trust, and who can be supportive and helpful in your gown search. Since the trunk show usually only runs for 2 days, it is important that you bring whomever you need to bring to make your decision once you find your dream gown at White Couture.

Try to avoid bringing too many people. Shopping for a wedding gown can be an emotional and overwhelming process, and too many opinions can sometimes confuse you. If you want your bridal party or other friends to view your gown, or be a part of the process, consider bringing them to one of your fittings.

How is a trunk show appointment different than a regular appointment?

A trunk show appointment allows you to view the entire collection available from the designer. A trunk show is a great time to work closely with the designer representative to style your wedding day look, since they are experts in wedding styling and can suggest custom changes to perfect your gown for you.

A trunk show appointment is different than a regular appointment in that the gowns are only there for one weekend, so it is a great time to find and finalize your perfect gown!

How do I know when a trunk show is coming to White Couture?

View our Trunk Show Schedule at White Couture

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Choosing Your Vendors | Soirée Productions | Park City

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

There are so many talented people in the world and we are lucky to have so many right here in Utah.  Check out our Soiree Preferred Wedding Vendor Gallery for your vendors.  We guarantee you won’t go wrong.  These are professionals in the field of event planning that we go to when we plan our own events.

Today we’re going to make some suggestions for making sure you find the right vendors for your event.

1.  Referrals:  The recommendation from a venue, friend, or on googlemaps can be all you need!

Ask around!  As a vendor, the greatest compliment a client can give is the referral to a friend.  A referral speaks for itself both positively and negatively.  Don’t simply rely on a vendor’s website or brochure.  If you heard a vendor is great, find out for yourself.

2.  Interview/References:  If you don’t have a referral or even if you do, find out for yourself.

Just because your neighbor thought the vendor was a good one maybe you’ll feel differently.  Meet with the vendor and ask your questions.  Personality is important.  Make sure it is a good fit.  Call former clients and ask the main question:  “What would you change about your vendor?”  Every vendor will list only references who they know will be positive.  So ask…I guarantee there is SOMETHING everyone would change and make sure you can live with the fact the vendor didn’t know or do that!

3.  What does your package include?

Get all of the information BEFORE you sign the contracts!  Ask for details, menus that are included in your package, a la carte pricing for photos, food, bar menu.  Pricing for a la carte photos just in case your friends and family want their own snapshops.  There are so many questions that you need answered.  Don’t rely on the samples you are given.  Ask for the details to be written in your contract.  Don’t rely on a verbal agreement because you never know if that person who made the promises will still be working your event when the time comes.  Look out for your best interest.   Ask when the final product will be delivered.  Who will work your wedding day?  How many staff members will be there?

4.  Don’t pay in full:  Never pay for your services in full!

Expect to pay a 50% deposit when you book your vendor.  Depending on how far out you have booked the vendor, they might even require you to submit a second deposit.  Don’t pay in full until your wedding day or at least the week of your event.  Many vendors will offer you a discount if you pay in full at the time of booking.  Even though the savings might be tempting, don’t!  Things happen on both sides and it’s best not to have to ask for the refund.

5.  Meet with your Vendors:

Meet your vendors at least 30 days prior to your wedding.  Make sure you are all on the same page with your expectations and provide each vendor with a detailed timeline outlining your expectations for arrival, strike, etc…

6.  Follow Up:  Don’t wait for your wedding vendor to contact you after your event.  Reach out to them and ask how things went.

Try to get a few photos prior to the proofs.  This will keep the day alive and keep you in anticipation of seeing the entire day on film (or digitally).  Maybe your  videographer will share a 3 minute clip of the wedding day.  There is no need to wait 6-12 weeks to get a glimpse!

Stay tuned for more advise from our Soiree Productions wedding planners.  We’ve heard it all and seen it all!  Have a question?  Email your questions to us at or call us to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll point you in the right direction.  We’re happy to help!

Summer Weddings | Soirée Productions | Park City

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Summer Wedding Celebration

The team at Soirée Productions is so excited to tell you one of our favorite weddings will be featured in Inside Weddings Magazine.  This wedding had great detail and was fun from beginning to end.  The save the dates were vintage postcards of the bride and groom created by Nine Grain Design.  We created a logo that would be carried out throughout the entire wedding.  The welcome celebration kicked off the weekend with a BBQ at Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley, while the wedding nuptials were celebrated at Empire Canyon Lodge.  The evening began to look like it might rain on our parade but then suddenly the sun came out and shined upon all of the guests.  The bride and groom were married under the Chuppah and as they recessed down the aisle guests sprinkled lavendar to wish them well.  Following the ceremony guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the deck.  Everyone danced the night away to music provided by the Salamander Band.  The room was filled with long rectangular tables for 8-16 guests while floral topped each table with a variety of arrangements.  We worked with Val Rasmussen of StellaPosy to finish each table top perfectly.  Each place setting highlighted square chargers and china we found at Diamond Rental.  Sarah Drown of Sparkle Photography captured the day and tells the story with her photographs.  Our team at White Couture helped the bridesmaids to select their perfect Vera Wang dress all in the purple and navy hues.  Each bridesmaid selected the style that worked best for her and with a variety of styles it was easy to do.  The evening concluded with a midnight snack for guests to enjoy on their ride home-the sliders and french fries were a big hit!  Everything about this wedding came together perfectly.  We chose to submit it to share nationally because our planners felt this wedding showed what you can do while still keeping your budget within reason.  Not a detail was left out and mom and dad were pleased with the budget!  Thank you for allowing Soirée Productions to assist you in planning the perfect celebration!

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