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Simply Wild for Wildflower Linen!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011


Us ladies at Soirée Productions are busy working away as this year’s wedding season is off to a fabulous start. Even so, we still make time for fun outings. For us, this means we get to explore and experience some of the better things in life. And this week, it was paying a visit to our lovely friends at the new Wildflower Linen studio in Heber, Utah. As a company, Wildflower Linen is renowned for the incredible work of YoungSong Martin. Her beautiful linen and tabletop design work is publicly famous and is constantly featured in some of the best magazines and blogs across the country, and even overseas. couch and cabinets



The studio itself is designed to inspire diverse creativity. Endless cabinets overflowing with beautiful fabrics hang perfectly. You can touch and experience every single fabric without any effort.  The fabrics and accessories simply glow with an opulence that only YoungSong could bring to the table. Literally.






As we entered, we immediately saw all the gorgeous tables  and displays. Instant excitement set in, and we could not even contain the inspiration that overwhelmed us.  

 I am excited to share with you all of the glorious examples they had for us. Without a doubt, Wildflower Linen is a magical key to a unique table, for any chairs and table




















All of the centerpieces that decorated the displays and tables were done by the amazing Amanda Hansen and her team at Decoration Inc.

The  whole morning was filled with fun and visiting with some of our favorite vendors. Young Song  and her Heber location team provided an incredible experience, not only with their showroom filled with absolute beauty, but with their great personalities and unending smiles.


We are excited to be able to have another absolutely fabulous choice for clients. We’re excited to work with Wildflower Linen and their beautiful fabrics. We are also very excited to share our great visit with you!


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